dw Engine

dw Engine#

dw2 The dw game engine showing off my programmer art.

I would like to show off a little side project of mine: the dwEngine. It is a game engine based off QtQuick2 and utilizes many of its features, benefitting from the great performance of QSG. It integrates Box2D, on the C++ side, for collision detection, raycasting and physics. As a bonus, it is being developed in paralell with its Android version, since it is so easy to port stuff.

My current goal is to get a complete Sonic the Hedgehog style engine working, replicating the original physics as closely as possible. The Sonic Physics Guide at Sonic Retro is a great resource, and the results so far are almost impossible to tell apart from the original games.

I shall publish a video once I get a more complete test level and a better recording setup. Submitting a demo to SAGE 2015 is my ultimate goal. Then I decide what to do with the engine from there.

Till next time!

Bonus screenshot: Debug mode on Android.