Today is a very important day for me. I am finally releasing to the wild my first open source library! neiasound is an OpenAL wrapper for Qt-style applications, ready to be integrated into an engine’s main loop. Doing positional audio is stupidly easy with it. It also includes facilities for reading wav and ogg files, and optionally supports libsndfile, for reading flac and many more formats. It is also easy to implement your own audio stream decoder interface. There is support for streaming dynamic playlists with intros and seamless looping.

I have been developing and dogfooding this lib for quite a while now, and I am most happy to share it with the world! In fact, dw Engine is my third project to use it. It never stopped evolving. What is missing, but coming, is support for more straightforward usage of efx effects and extensions, and minor cleanups.

In Android projects, it is compatible with the standard OpenAL Soft port, and OpenAL-MOB. I recommend OpenAL-MOB for a better experience and reduced latency. If you disable HRTFs, I suspect performance is the same or better.

neiasound is made available under the 2-clause BSD License. Give it a try on your next project!