Maker Faire UK

Maker Faire UK#

Well, it has been a while. This semester has been quite busy and there is still a lot of stuff to be done. Also I got confirmation that I’ll have an internship for the summer at Demola. So… More work for me. Fantastic, really!

However this weekend I managed to take a break from school and Finland to go accompany my friend Juha from to Maker Faire UK in Newcastle. A huge thanks to him for making this possible 😀

Maker Faire First time at Maker Faire!

Together, in the stand, we demonstrated his homebrew pick-and-place machine and software and I would like take a moment to say how awesome it is. Between sending a board layout to a factory to get only a couple of prototypes, and soldering hundreds of absurdly small SMD components ourselves, electronics designers never had many options concerning the production of more complex prototypes. This machine attends these use cases perfectly, as it is cheap, and built with a designer’s workflow in mind. Don’t hesitate to check the website, even if only to appreciate its ingenuity.

On another note, I got to win SODAQ‘s mini hackaton challenge and now I have a board of my own! So I look forward to playing with it and coming up with something cool. The code for my design, Bluetooth Low-Energy controllable Game of Life, can be found here. (2023 Addendum: nowadays, more like here)

As for general stuff, my other projects go on. I should have something to share after the semester ends. Cheers!