Intel RealSense for Mobile Devices: Aftermath

Intel RealSense for Mobile Devices: Aftermath#

Geting, Rauli, Me Geting, Rauli, Me 🙂

It is hard to believe the project is over already, and I did not post anything about it apart from a passing mention when the “Konecranes App” project was concluded. Perhaps it is because our great PM Cyndi took care of keeping a nice and steady blog about all of our activities, productive and social. Here it is.

I can’t think of anything but praise for the team. We simply work great together, top to bottom, in a fashion I have only fleetingly experienced before. Even if the project turned out to be crap, at least we would have made some good friends. Alas, it turned out our project was in the top 4 shortlist, and we competed head-to-head for the win! Nope, we did not win. So close…

What we ended up with as deliverables was mainly documentation for ideas for future RealSense applications, and a proof of concept implementation of 3D camera usage for unique party experiences. Those are to be licensed to Intel, so meh, I can’t post anything here 😉

If I had to distill a main project takeaway from a technical perspective, it would be that Intel is right on the money. The “future” mobile experiences will be defined by contextual computing, and quality of implementation matters. Specialized hardware with good software middleware is must for developers, given the sheer amount of heterogeneous solutions that need to come together to give a contextual computing architecture shape and protocols. This is a very exciting time for developers. Our camping knives are being sharpened for us, our tents will raise by themselves.

Let’s explore!