Presenting neiatree

Presenting neiatree#

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neiatree is an asset tree processing tool for games of other multimedia applications. I made it after I counldn’t find something similar that was simple to setup and use like I wanted, so why not scratch my own itch? By this naming convention following after neiasound I guess I’m starting a neiasomething library collection. neiaframeworks, perhaps? Hmm…

So, about neiatree. It allows you to parse a directory tree into another, optionally processing the files into other files. Inspired by make, also keeps track of source file modification dates and updates only what has changed. So you can for example, compress textures and sounds for your game as a build step that runs automatically, before or after a build or a run. Want to use different compression settings for your tool? Not to worry, change the rules and clean your destination folder. If you did not change anything, the overhead in project build time is negligible. A tenth of a second or so.

It is easy to integrate it into your toolchain. The only build dependency is Qt 5.4. You can use an older version with simple tweaks.

Licensed under 2-clause BSD. Go check the GitHub repository!