TampereGotchi on GitHub

TampereGotchi on GitHub#

It’s about time! After almost a year past the project completion at the University of Tampere, the source code was left bitrotting in my (and my colleague’s) hard drives. Since then I remembered countless times that I had to upload and blog about it and fix a couple things on it but never had the time. Hopefully it’s not too late.

Screenshot TampereGotchi is a finland-themed clone of the most popular franchise of virtual pets.

Basic actions like feeding, cleaning, and playing game swith your pet
are implemented. Also sending and receiving pets to a server and sharing
it via a code.
The game is not finished and likely never will be! But it is a great
testbed for playing with Qt 5 and QML.

I am particularly proud of the polish that went into the main screen and some other tidbits, and the spaceship minigame. Also Joona and Ammar did a great job with the sprites. Thanks to our PMs and teachers at the University of Tampere that made this school project something special and very fun to work in!

The repository with the code and assets is available at lucaspcamargo/tamperegotchi. Hopefully some will clone it and mess with it a bit.

An APK built for armv7 processors is available here.