The Hydrus Project wins Intel’s Embedded Systems Competition

The Hydrus Project wins Intel’s Embedded Systems Competition#

After many months of hard work and dedication, our team accomplished its ultimate goal, and we won the competition!

Group photo Me, our friend Eloi, Êmili, Guilherme, and Professor Giovani

The Hydrus project (as per these posts) was successfully completed a single day before the competition. The last test was in the last possible day. All of our presentation material was put together and edited right before the date. We lost pieces of the boat in transportation, etc. Towards the end of our endeavor, everything was insanely chaotic. But we thrived.

Personally, I am hugely grateful to team members Êmili and Guilherme, who always put a lot of effort and whose belief in the project never faltered, even at times when I seemed aimless, or just plain going crazy.

In the end, it was a success. Not everything worked, and our execution was not perfect. Nevertheless, we ended up with a perfectly workable system, and we like the design of the software and the boat itself.

Here are the final report and presentation slides. Also a short video demonstrating it in motion:

I have chosen to use the boat as the subject matter of my term paper. During this process, it should be revamped to work with other control units (Raspberry Pi) and also be made possible for it to be driven by EPOS, the Embedded Parallel Operating System by LISHA,

Oh yeah, one last thing: the prize! We were awarded a trip to visit an Intel Facility in the United States. Can’t wait!!